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Product Pricing and Sales Tax

All prices shown on the website do not include sales tax. In the state of sale (Florida), sales tax is not applicable at this time. In Florida, the sale of digital products is tax-free given that items sold in digital form aren’t classified as tangible personal property. This may not be the case in other states. If the software is taxable in your state of purchase and you do not see sales tax added to your order it is because we have not yet reached the volume of online sales needed to start collecting tax in your state. Once our revenue grows large enough to establish a sales tax nexus in your state we will start collecting the sales tax applicable to that state.

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We will do our utmost to maintain the availability of the site at all times. However, due to the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee the availability of the site at all times. Maintenance and repairs will be undertaken to improve the website which may disrupt our service from time to time.


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